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In today's quick-change, high-urgency world, executives can be derailed by lack of resources, lack of cooperation, or lack of vision. Too many organizations are challenged by shrinking markets, departmental silos, disengaged employees, and conflicting priorities.

From small group meetings to the big conference stage, Liz captivates her audience. Her combination of practical experience, true stories, and current research will inspire attendees to start making a difference right away.

Invite Liz to divulge some of her surprising insights and road-tested techniques at your conference or company event. Her content can be presented as a keynote, half or full day workshop, or as a brief talk for luncheons and other gatherings.

Liz's Speaking Topics

Pragmatic Collaboration: A Field Guide to Making it Happen

We all know how discouraging it can sometimes be to motivate a team, satisfy management, and keep making progress — all at the same time. Don’t worry — you can still get the job done!

Liz shows you a bottom-line approach to getting things done, together. She’ll give you real life success stories and practical insights with her trademark combination of candor and humor. Her proven methods aren’t merely rhetorical; you’ll take away guidelines and practices for helping people build the bonds necessary to share goals and deliver successful outcomes.

Conflict is Underrated

Are departmental silos and internal power struggles getting in the way of your work? Are your team members blocked by passive-aggressive posturing or business bullying?

Surprisingly, too much peaceful tranquility can get you just as stuck. Drawing on 25+ years of consulting and coaching experience, Liz will debunk myths about communication and personality problems, so you can bust silos, rebuild damaged company cultures, and deal with all those pesky opinions on the way to greater growth and effectiveness.

Get Inside the Mind of Your Customer: Keep Them Happy, Buying, and Coming Back

Today’s customers have been told over and over that everything is their choice, and yet they’re often so dissatisfied with service interactions and unsure about product selections that they feel they have no choice but to walk away from companies — or to complain about them on social media.

How can you strengthen your relationships with your customers? Liz’s unique approach to understanding — and interacting with — customers isn’t just about effective service delivery. In this talk, she’ll walk through current findings from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to explore approaches that persuade customers to buy and help ensure their satisfaction and build their loyalty. She’ll also examine customers’ fears and biases, and show how you can use them to build more effective selling and service techniques.

Talent! How to Find It, Grow It, Keep It

You can’t get the job done if you don’t have the right people. And they won’t hang around to do the job if you don’t create a motivating workplace environment. According to The Conference Board, “While economic and demographic shifts are changing the nature of the workforce, technological advancements are changing the workplace. Amidst these changes and disruptions, talent management professionals are increasingly challenged to find the best ways to attract, develop and retain their current and future talent pools.”

Liz will share secrets and successes from her 25+ year track record of helping organizations hire the right people, put them in the right jobs, and treat them the right way so they’ll do their best.

Her practical tips and techniques will help you avoid the pitfalls and potholes on the talent management road and help you become an Employer of Choice.

Why There’s So Much Conflict at Work, and How to Fix It

Liz Kislik at TEDxBaylorSchool, September 2017

We usually think of conflict as something that happens between people, so when there’s conflict at work, we tend to blame the people involved, and expect them to straighten things out. But people are just the part of the story that’s easiest to see.

"Anything that triggers a cultural change would be the perfect time to bring Liz in."

Paige Brough | SVP Corporate Communications, HearUSA

"Your seminar was so fantastic! Thorough, engaging, interesting — I loved it and I know others did too."

Cinnie Noble | Co-Chair, ICF Conflict Management Coaching Community of Practice

"Direct. Thoughtful. Funny. Insightful. Rigorous."

Mary-Alice Moore | SVP, Publishing Strategy & Product Development, Highlights for Children


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