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Liz KislikHarvard Business Review and Forbes contributor and TEDx speaker — offers surprising insights and successful techniques for mastering collaboration, conflict, talent development, and customer loyalty. Her combination of practical experience, true stories, and current research will inspire attendees to start making a difference right away. Her content can be presented as keynotes and half or full day workshops.

TEDx BaylorSchool:

Why There’s So Much Conflict at Work, and How to Fix It.

We usually think of conflict as something that happens between people, so when there’s conflict at work, we tend to blame the people involved, and expect them to straighten things out. But people are just the part of the story that’s easiest to see.



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Audience Reactions:

“Liz was an inspiring speaker. She presented information using experiences shared by the audience. Her sense of humor and ability to bring a smile to everyone’s faces was an added bonus.”

Her professionalism, knowledge and passion are unmatched. The room was crowded with many professionals, all awestruck at her ability to convey useful information in a succinct and engaging manner – not an easy task.”

“I was fortunate enough to hear Liz speak at a women’s business event – a tough crowd if I’ve ever seen one! – and every one of us left inspired to embrace new techniques and strategies into our businesses.”

“Liz spoke with our executives and business owners across a variety of industries. She was terrific! Many shared that Liz was the highlight of the evening. Her intelligence, warmth and humanity were present throughout her presentation. She was practical and bottom-line oriented as well.”

“Superb – presentation, content, usefulness, everything.”

“Your grounded and thorough walk through conflict management was very useful and inspiring. Your empathy for those in conflict and clarity in how to approach it must be enormously helpful to your clients. Thank you for sharing your approach and stories with us.”

“Liz was succinct and her explanations were very clear. Her energy was infectious.

“Your seminar was so fantastic. Thorough, engaging, interesting – I loved it and I know others did too.”

Liz’s Speaking Topics:

Building Teams That Deliver Great Results

In today’s cross-functional world, effective teams are at the heart of delivering great products and service. But it’s notoriously hard to get people from different disciplines to collaborate and work together to meet deadlines and drive results. In this talk, frequent Harvard Business Review contributor Liz Kislik shares practical, research-based strategies that will help your teams:

  • Align around crucial roles and responsibilities
  • Surface disagreements and resolve them in a productive way
  • Build trust that leads to more innovative solutions
  • Collaborate more effectively to meet shared commitments

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Every relationship – at work and in life – has some degree of conflict. The question is whether that conflict is productive, leading to greater understanding and progress, or becomes destructive. Management consultant and Harvard Business Review contributor Liz Kislik distills her 30 years of professional experience to share practical strategies to help you:

  • Work in partnership with others who may have different priorities
  • Know when and how to compromise
  • Make sure the most important things don’t go unsaid
  • Recover from conflict to form stronger relationships

Talent! How to Find It, Grow It, Keep It

The right people are essential to any enterprise. But hiring them is just the start: The smartest companies focus on creating a workplace culture that encourages talented employees to stay and do their best work. Harvard Business Review contributor Liz Kislik will share secrets and successes from her 30- year track record of helping organizations hire the right people for the right jobs and develop their potential to raise the company to new heights. You’ll learn how to:

  • Ask the right questions upfront to ensure they’ll be a great fit
  • Onboard effectively so they can start adding value right away
  • Co-create a career development plan to keep them engaged
  • Provide new challenges that help them develop their skills and contribute more meaningfully

Get Inside the Mind of Your Customer: Keep Them Happy, Buying, and Coming Back

Today’s customers have almost infinite choices, so how can we make sure they choose to work with (and stay with) your company? Management consultant Liz Kislik – who has advised companies including Comcast, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and American Express – will share strategies to help you understand your customers’ true needs and motivations, attract and retain them, and turn them into evangelists. You’ll learn how to:

  • Craft more persuasive offers
  • Leverage the power of data to make smarter decisions
  • Strike the balance between full service and self-service options
  • Make things right with your customers when things go wrong