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22 Nov 2011

Feedback Resistance

Nobody enjoys being critiqued, corrected, or criticized. It’s hard to hear that we’re not good enough, or that we’re not okay just the way we are. It’s hard even when we’ve asked for the feedback because we want to grow, develop, or simply improve. Even when we agree that the comments are true. So it’s only natural that we feel resistance to being critiqued when we haven’t actually asked for the feedback, disagree with it, or feel misjudged. It’s easy […]

24 May 2011

Can You Be Happy at Work When You’re Not in Charge?

Most people want to feel at least a little bit in control, to have some say over how they spend their time and what they have to do — except for those folks who prefer to have absolutely no responsibility, who don’t like to have to think for themselves, who say, “Just tell me how you want it.” Employment can be an inherently dicey proposition, then, because it means having to follow someone else’s say-so about where to sit, when […]

05 Apr 2011

More Sleep Strategies

The sleep piece in the March 2011 issue of Workplace Wisdom received so many comments, chuckles, and questions in response that some additional suggestions seemed appropriate. If you have trouble actually making it to bed at a reasonable hour: Try scheduling shutdown time an hour before you’d like to hit the pillow. Yes, actually note it on your schedule. Do this every night until it becomes routine. Turn off all your screens. Read a bit, perhaps with a hot cup […]

22 Feb 2011

Are You a Supertaster? Taste is Temperamental

It looked like a tasty dinner. Daughter took a bite of potato, chewed it, thought for a second, and then complained of a strange feeling under her tongue and in the back of her throat. I went into diagnosis mode, trying to identify the problem. “Was it a red potato, Honey?” I asked. “Because the yellow ones taste fine to me.” “Yes,” she said, “but it’s the yellow ones too.” It’s Hard to Recognize What You Haven’t Experienced I tasted, […]

02 Nov 2010

Q&A About Talking Side by Side

How to Get Your Point Across Without Poking a Hole in Anyone, must have struck a nerve. Readers emailed me more questions: Q: What if you prefer to talk face to face because you can understand the other person better and have more confidence about what’s being said? A: If the other person is equally comfortable, and face-to-face positioning leads to understanding and feeling attended to instead of creating antagonism or fear, then it’s great. I guess I’ll write a […]


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