Workplace Wisdom

02 Jun 2015

Three Ways to Deal with Employee Downtime

Sometimes a small question is actually about a bigger issue. This was the case when a faithful reader’s recent question got me thinking in two different directions: What could she do about an employee who goes on Facebook during the workday? My reader is a senior executive in a business that’s small enough for her to notice such “bad behavior” herself. I asked her if she ever went on Facebook when she was having lunch, and, learning that she did, […]

08 Jun 2010

Multitasking vs. Peace of Mind

Juggling Isn’t Always More Efficient Than A Single Focus Ah, the challenge of coordinating and managing both time and task without feeling like a torture victim on the rack, stretched much, much too thin and all out of proportion. When I taught a Workplace Wisdom Webinar “Self Management in Frantic Times,” an attendee mentioned that he felt tremendous pressure to multitask even during the webinar because his deadlines weigh on him so heavily. On some level, if he does only […]

01 Jun 2010

How to Handle Spacing Out

What do you do when you’re so busy your mind goes blank? During my webinar “Self Management in Frantic Times”, a number of folks chatted in more questions than we could cover during the session, and I’m going to answer them from time to time in this format. (A fond reminiscence of times gone by: One of the pleasures of the old model of public speaking was that after the formal program, attendees who wanted additional or individualized information would […]


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