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Why There’s So Much Conflict at Work, and How to Fix It

Liz Kislik at TEDxBaylorSchool, September 2017

We usually think of conflict as something that happens between people, so when there’s conflict at work, we tend to blame the people involved, and expect them to straighten things out. But people are just the part of the story that’s easiest to see, according to Liz Kislik, a management consultant and business coach. In “Why There’s So Much Conflict at Work, and How to Fix It,” Liz draws on examples from more than 25 years of working with clients from the Fortune 500 to national nonprofits and family-run businesses such as American Express, The Girl Scouts, and Highlights for Children. She describes the underlying conditions that can lock people into unproductive conflict, and shares five steps that will enable people in any kind of organization identify the underpinnings of a conflict and work through it effectively. Liz’s focus is on helping organizations solve their thorniest problems while strengthening their top and bottom lines. She writes for Harvard Business Review and for the dedicated readers of her Workplace Wisdom blog and has taught at Hofstra University and NYU.

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