How Liz’s approach is different


Liz has a vision of pragmatic collaboration: people getting things done together in a real and humane way. Her goal is for people to do better and feel better at work so they and their organizations can accomplish more.

Liz believes that positive change is always achievable when you have:

CURIOSITY, to look beneath the surface of the organization and hear the real stories of employees.

Why? Because their beliefs and experiences shape their participation and performance. Employees will always share their perceptions of the workplace and its culture if they’re asked in the right way. Emotional and anecdotal data are nuanced forms of information, and they help to reveal any underlying structure that’s invisibly holding things in place. The cultural environment and the daily experiences of the frontline eventually translate into the value of the bottom line.

COMPASSION, because organizations work better when we acknowledge and invest in everyone's humanity.

The workplace is part of life, and employees bring their whole selves to work every day. Recognizing that every person is different and each has different motivations will help us inspire them to do their best for the organization.

RESOLVE, to ensure the work gets done.

Circumstances may not support our approaches, and it can take persistent experimentation and adaptation before our efforts pay off. If we want things to change for the better, we must be willing to undertake hard work instead of waiting for someone else to take the lead and the risk. We have to do it to get through it.

RESILIENCE, to take a next step when things don't turn out the way we expect.

When we practice equanimity and flexibility as decision makers, we learn to handle any shifts in business conditions nimbly. In the face of problems and challenges, we can always find a useful way to move forward, often with grace, and the ability to bring others along with us.

INSIGHT, to understand the kernel of truth that's always there if we're willing to grasp it.

We strengthen the quality of our thinking by examining the long and short term goals and impacts, the big picture and small details, within the context of a larger purpose. Then the path forward becomes clear.

"Organizational consultants tend to come in two extremes. On one end, you have the human interaction, touchy-feely, Myers-Briggs psychological types. On the other end are your process-improvement, Six-Sigma consultants. They'd rather focus on efficient work processes, and let HR deal with the people. Liz is that rare breed of consultant who understands both sides."

Kent Johnson | CEO, Highlights Magazine

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