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30 Apr 2010

If the Shoe Fits…

Last week, I bought a pair of silver shoes with rhinestone doodads for a black tie event. Not my sort of thing, actually, but the outcry that ensued when a few of my fellow attendees learned that I was planning to wear black shoes with a cornflower blue dress was — well, let me admit that I succumbed to peer pressure. Or at least, learned from someone else’s expertise. When I got home and took the shoes out of the […]

23 Apr 2010

Make Up Your Own Mind

Abraham Lincoln, famous president, folk hero, and a known depressive, said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” I’m not sure if this observation had any real utility for Lincoln, but a simplistic explanation of cognitive psychology is that you start to feel pretty bad whenever you think negative thoughts. And those negative thoughts don’t have to be deep cogitations — no, just fleeting, automatic, sub-conscious self-nagging messages are enough to drive a […]

16 Apr 2010

Not Fair but Necessary

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes you have to be nice and kind to awful people who don’t deserve it? Take collections, for example, either commercial or non-profit. People make commitments to pay — but some don’t pay. For a long time before you get to the point of threat, you use honey, hoping the flies will stick, the promises will be kept, the cash will trickle in — even if you have to bend over backwards and give extra thanks, […]

07 Apr 2010

When the Going Gets Tough…

There is no “business as usual” any more. Do you know anyone who isn’t a little more urgent and intense than they were three years ago? Senior people who relied on secretaries and minions now get their hands dirty in aspects of administration and infrastructure that they never had to think about before; technical specialists without interpersonal skills have to manage staff; the boxes that used to sit in the middle of organizational charts have vanished entirely. In such tough times, […]


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