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17 Sep 2019

How To Work Effectively With A Worrier—Even If It’s You

This article originally appeared on Forbes. Between political upheaval, stock market gyrations and general office politics, there’s plenty for any professional to be concerned about these days. As a business person, it’s part of your job to do rigorous risk assessments, but if you go too far and make yourself excessively anxious, you might disturb your own clear thinking and productive action. Assuming that your worries—or those of your colleagues, subordinates or boss—are in roughly the normal range, using these […]

10 Sep 2019

Everyone’s Unique. If You Want Results, Treat Them That Way

“How do you actually work with the people you coach?” asked a senior human resources officer and prospective client. I explained a variety of scenarios based on my current roster of clients. “Everyone is different,” I answered. “People need personally tailored support to grow into their roles and to truly be and do their best. Some clients want business advice, some want mentoring, others want a sounding board.” I’m an advisory coach, so I adjust my services depending on my […]

03 Sep 2019

Why I Think Discredited Personality Assessments Have Value

When an opinion piece that was skeptical about personality tests appeared in the New York Times recently, I knew I was going to have to write about it, and hoped it wouldn’t be too painful. I don’t like junk science. I accept the principles of evolution, had my kids vaccinated, and work to reduce my carbon footprint. But I regularly flout the published scientific studies and opinions that contest the validity of many personality tests. Personality profiling has been around […]

27 Aug 2019

This Is What You Can Do When Your Job Is Not Enough

A thoughtful reader saw my piece “How to Help Yourself If You’re Feeling Stuck at Work” in Forbes, and wrote to me. She wanted to know how to deal with the burnout she’s experiencing from being bored and demoralized by a job that doesn’t take advantage of her expertise. Even worse, she feels ignored and demeaned by management that refuses to see her value and potential. Burnout can come from underuse as well as overuse. And it can be exhausting! […]


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