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20 Nov 2017

What to Do If Your Boss Gets Distracted by Every New Thing

This article originally appeared on No matter what the strategic plan says, many of us are more attracted to something new that’s glittering on the horizon than we are to the goals that have languished on our to-do list for months. This weakness is as true for senior leaders as it is for the rank-and-file, but when a CEO or other senior executive is known for chasing shiny objects, a lot of people and projects can suffer. When senior leaders suddenly get […]

27 Jun 2017

How to Save Yourself from Being Manipulated

One of the particularly interesting things about the recent testimony from fired FBI Director James Comey in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee had nothing to do with lies, leaks, or Russia. What struck me was his story — how when the person in authority said something outrageous, even a tall white man in a position of power could feel so disconcerted that he couldn’t find the appropriate response. One focus of the media coverage and conversation after Comey’s testimony […]

21 Jul 2015

How to Keep From Drowning in Your Own Thoughts

Are you stuck somewhere inside your head, talking to yourself about things you want to change? Are you stressing over how stalled you feel, or fixating on why the situation is so awful? No wonder you can’t sleep at night and feel fretful all day! Why not get some benefit out of your worries and doubts? Move them out of your head, where they’re scrambling like countless little hamsters on a squeaky hamster wheel. Externalize them so you can use […]

05 Aug 2014

How to Improve Your Routine When a Manager’s Like a Bad Joke

Last week’s post began with the Critic, the Control Freak, and the Micromanager walking into a conference room. (You’ll find their characteristics here.) Unfortunately, it can be very challenging to change these tendencies. After all, these individuals may have behaved this way as early as middle school when they had to work together on group projects as kids. But that doesn’t mean you should give up! If you know you’re one of these folks, try the suggestions below. And if […]

01 Jul 2014

What’s the Business Equivalent of Making the Bed?

The right ritual can get your day off to a productive start. For me, the best mornings begin in a quiet house, making and drinking my coffee just the way I like it. Everybody’s got their own way to meet the day. Some people believe in heading outside immediately to stand for a moment in natural light, no matter the season or weather. Others like to make the bed the minute they’re out of it. Neither of these options ever […]

28 Aug 2012

4 Aspects of Managing Your Fight-or-Flight Response

The body’s fight-or-flight reactions are a good guide to our true perceptions of a confrontation’s level of safety or danger. Learning to check and manage our physical reactions is essential to both our effectiveness and professionalism. If we can keep ourselves in neutral, respectful gear — confronting, but not attacking — both the positions we take and the comments we make at the negotiating table will be more compelling. Most of our nonverbal cues — our body language, gestures, and […]

18 Oct 2011

Waiting for Things to Settle Down

This past weekend, I attended a meeting sponsored by the Omega Institute to hear Thich Nhat Hanh speak. He’s the Vietnamese Buddhist monk who was nominated by Martin Luther King, Jr. for the Nobel Peace Prize, and is well known for his teachings and writings about the relationship between the individual’s ability to be at peace and the possibility of creating peace in the world. Regardless of how clever or well intentioned we are, says Thich Nhat Hanh, any sense […]


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