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FREE Field Guide and Checklist to help you identify and resolve interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.

“Liz has shaped us as people and leaders.”

– Christine French Cully / Chief Purpose Officer and Editor in Chief, Highlights for Children

Management Consultant

Liz helps leaders and organizations communicate and collaborate for dramatically better results.

“Organizational consultants tend to come in two extremes. On one end, you have the human interaction, touchy-feely, Myers-Briggs psychological types. On the other end are your process-improvement, Six-Sigma consultants. They’d rather focus on efficient work processes, and let HR deal with the people. Liz is that rare breed of consultant who understands both sides.” – Kent Johnson | CEO, Highlights for Children


Executive Coach

Liz offers surprising insights and proven techniques to help executives navigate today’s complex workplaces.

“Liz’s ability to keenly and accurately assess core issues and her powerful questions helped prompt insights that have transformed the way I show up at work. She cuts through the noise and clutter, and ensures our time together makes a real difference in my life on both a personal and professional level.” – Ilisa Cappell | Vice President Leadership Development, Prizmah