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Break Through Barriers to Accelerate Growth.

As a problem solver and facilitator, Liz works to eliminate or reduce frictions so you can increase productivity, communication, teamwork, and accountability. She looks across your entire organization – teams, departments, and boundaries – to build value.

Organizational Effectiveness

If you’re confronting issues like underperformance, employee attrition, and change initiatives that never really take hold, Liz can help. She rapidly forges connections with everyone from C-suite executives to frontline associates and delivers compelling insights to accelerate progress, so you can act more strategically and decisively.

Liz strengthens your organization by:

  • Collaborating to create a more accountable work culture from talent development and communication to performance improvement.
  • Aligning your values, goals, and culture, so you can frame and implement decisions that accurately reflect your long-term plans for the company.
  • Analyzing and interpreting employee behavior to find and eliminate the structural and interpersonal reasons behind turnover or under-engagement.
Leadership & Team Development

How quickly could business grow if your employees collaborated effectively? What if they were simultaneously more innovative and realistic? Liz coaches decision makers to think more analytically and strategically. She helps them build pragmatic, productive relationships so you get optimal employee participation and the change your organization needs.

Liz works with your leaders by:

  • Offering supportive, incisive counsel to help as the C-Suite makes the tough choices necessary to move your company forward.
  • Acting as executive mentor for senior and middle managers, identifying and developing talent, so that you get full value from high-potential employees.
  • Establishing more effective practices for recruiting, developing and managing teams so they can do their best work.
Customer Loyalty

Do your associates have the skills to recognize and acknowledge your customers’ unique purchasing habits and preferences? Is your staff helping your customers to buy and become advocates for your business? Liz shows you how to engage with your customers on and offline, so every interaction deepens their relationship with your brand.

Liz boosts your outreach by:

  • Identifying and capturing opportunities to improve conversion, service quality, customer experience, and sales funnel management.
  • Creating programs for coaching and behavior change to boost average order value and lift lifetime value, and establish an engaging brand experience..
  • Strengthening the efforts of your frontline management using proven principles or contact center management.

“Anything that triggers a cultural change would be the perfect time to bring Liz in.”

– Paige Brough / SVP Corporate Communications, HearUSA

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Paige Brough, SVP Corporate Communications

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“Liz is a true pro and delight to work with in solving problems and improving service.”

– Robert Edmund / CEO, Edmund Optics