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21 Jul 2015

How to Keep From Drowning in Your Own Thoughts

Are you stuck somewhere inside your head, talking to yourself about things you want to change? Are you stressing over how stalled you feel, or fixating on why the situation is so awful? No wonder you can’t sleep at night and feel fretful all day! Why not get some benefit out of your worries and doubts? Move them out of your head, where they’re scrambling like countless little hamsters on a squeaky hamster wheel. Externalize them so you can use […]

24 Mar 2015

Five Ingredients for a Successful Problem-Solving Recipe

Some business problems are so straightforward they can be solved by the right research; once the facts are available, they dictate the solution, so there’s almost no discussion necessary. When a business problem is complicated and thorny, though, the way you approach it can have even more relevance and impact than the “facts” themselves. Planning a Balanced Decision-Making Menu A complex problem’s components may have interdependencies that are neither obvious nor easily quantified. Beyond that, the optimal answer might not […]

16 Sep 2014

If You Want to Solve a Problem, Think of It as an Iceberg

In business, lingering problems rarely have a single or simple solution. That’s why they linger. Many work problems are relatively unambiguous and easily are understood by the people who deal with them every day. We solve them without thinking about them too much: Problem X → Action Y → Resolution Z. It’s easy to get used to that level of thinking being sufficient, particularly if we have to solve the same problem over and over. Getting Stuck In the Shoals […]

01 Feb 2011

Plowing Through: Five Steps to Recovering Your Equilibrium

I’m starting to calm down after experiencing a huge, frustrating waste of time caused by inadequate planning and coordination for infrastructure requirements, as well as a lack of insight into human behavior. Let me turn the clock back a couple of hours. The office building where I rent space is filled with a few medical practices, an ad agency, a couple of real estate concerns, and lots and lots of accountants. On a typical weekday the parking lot is about […]


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