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Making Extraordinary Service Look Easy

I’m not a fan of inter-organizational benchmarking: It’s almost impossible to replicate someone else’s successes when you don’t have their operating model, or to replicate their practices or techniques when you don’t have their culture... Continue reading

Travels, Travails, and Truths

As a frequent flier and someone who craves autonomy, I prefer an aisle seat. It’s the only way to preserve some slight distance between overly assertive or careless neighbors and me. It also lets me... Continue reading

Nearly Sleepless in Seattle

Here’s the scenario: It’s 11:15 at night in Seattle. Daughter and I are trying to check into a moderately-priced airport hotel for a layover on our way to Vancouver. The complication is that I am... Continue reading

Lying on the Menu

It was a special lunch, and the three of us were a little excited. Daughter ordered the salmon, which impressed the waitress. I ordered the burger (Daughter’s second choice, as insurance). Spouse asked for a... Continue reading